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What is our PAC...

W. J. Mouat Secondary School Parent Advisory Council is NOT a forum for the discussion of personnel, students, parents or other individual members of the school community.

Our purpose is to advise the principal and staff on parent views on any matter relating to the school-programs, policies or other matters; to direct parents towards resources available for concerns and/or complaints. In other words, the true role of our PAC is that of an advisor to the school and a vehicle for ensuring effective two-way communication between the school and the parent community.

The PAC does not do fundraising. All funds currently comes from Bingos and Direct Access. Our current certificate of affiliation is good for this school year.

The PAC is for parent's support, for communication between the teachers, parents and the students. It has been shown that students that parents that are involved in their child's education achieve higher grades and have better homework and study skills. Every parent or guardian of a child registered in a school has a right, under the School Act, to belong to the PAC. The principal, liaison, students and community members may be invited to attend meetings.

The PAC enabled under the School Act, provides a venue for parents to advise the shool on any matter. Parents that get involved find out what is happening in their school andare able to provide input to ensure that the school meets the needs, not only of their child, but all children. This is your school-Get involved!

The PAC is not a place to talk about teachers or staff. It is NOT a gossip circle.

The PAC is totally committed to the better education of all students in the school and helping to provide a safe workplace for the teachers.

What is DPAC and BCCPAC

DPAC (District Parent Advisory Council) is the district level, and with a member of the W.J. Mouat PAC attending those meetings, we are kept informed as to what is happening at the district PAC

BCCPAC (British Columbia Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils) is a provincial parent voice committed to representing parents regarding the education of all children to the Ministry of Education. BCCPAC supports parent involvement in education through the provision of resource; workshops, conferences, newsletters and an advocacy helpline. Members of the DPAC attend the BCCPAC meetings, keeping the school PAC informed as to what is happening at the provincial level.

A Bit of PAC/BCCPAC History

The first official parent organization was launched at the oldest school in the province-Craigflower, which is on the outskirts of Victoria, on September 8, 1915. In 1922, more than 60 associations sent 283 delegates to a conference in Vancouver to outline a plan for a provincial federation. The BCCPAC was formed on April 22, 1922. The Federation has been successful in providing input on many educational, health and safety issues affecting the youth of BC. The BC Chapter was involved in changes to the School Act, recognizing Parent Advisory Councils at every school.

Since 1989, the BCCPAC has held two conferences each year. These conferences have provided opportunities to participate in discussions on changes in education, to share information with other parent leaders and to provide input to the Ministry and other partner groups. In the summer of 2001, it was made law that all parents be allowed to volunteer in their child's school. This was one of the issues BCCPAC had pushed the Ministry for.

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